About Willpower, LLC:
Willpower, LLC was founded in 2007 by former IBMer Will Walton. Created to sell, service and support American made renewable energy firm’s product lines in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America, Willpower, LLC has continued to grow its portfolio to include partnerships with leading commercial renewable, sustainable and environmentally mitigating manufacturers such as SOL, Inc., with over 45,000 installations globally, and Octcet, Inc., the leading commercial diesel fuel performance enhancer, with over two million miles of on-road, off-road and marine fuel and emissions savings, and Solar Energy Loan Fund, helping families and businesses afford these energy saving resilience improving products.

Willpower, LLC is continuing to improve renewable energy partnerships with leading wind turbine companies including Northern Power Systems, DVO Commercial compost-to-energy, and SunStar Appliance, an American Family-owned business building solar powered freezers and refrigerators for over thirty years to round out our American product based 24/7 sales, service and support philosophy.

On January 19, 2011, U.S. Ambassador Phyllis Powers, Ambassador to the Republic of Panama, hosted an embassy reception for Willpower, LLC (Ecosol’s U.S. partner) and SOL, affirming a joint Memorandum of Understanding between all parties in promoting green technology to Panama via the joint donation of SOL’s TSL-Series lights and ECOSOL PANAMA’s services.
To date, this has been a technology showpiece for the embassy and their visiting dignitaries, both in-country and abroad. Please visit this link to view our results.

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