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Solar Lighting

Founded in 1990, SOL is the largest and most established firm dedicated to the design and manufacturing of commercial-grade solar outdoor LED lighting solutions. Based in Palm City Florida, SOL has a distributor network in over 61 countries.

SOL’s commitment to solar lighting for over 20 years is built on innovative products, quality systems, and the strongest support and design team in solar lighting. With over 41,000 installations worldwide and an extremely high returning customer rate, SOL is a proven and trusted leader.

By committing to a total system approach, SOL makes solar lighting reliable, economic, easy to install, and fast to deploy. With a US Based Manufacturing Facility and a solid presence on over 200 US Federal sites, SOL systems are tested, proven, and ready for your applications including: parking lots, pathways, parks, trails, roadways, boat launches, campus areas, perimeter security, signs, billboards, transit, shelters, and other remote applications.

Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc. and Willpower, LLC have worked together since 2006. See our first Central American efforts in 2011 at: http://panama.usembassy.gov/pr011911.html
Diesel Fuel Performance Enhancer



OCTCET 35 treated fuel widens the limits of the combustibility of fuels and leaves substantially less unburned fuel to escape through the exhaust tailpipe due to its high oxygen content and its ability to reduce the ignition delay during the combustion process.

OCTCET 35 is an alternative for 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN), by increasing the cetane number with 5-20 numbers with the addition of 0.25% OCTCET 35. An increase in cetane number can significantly reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions in all diesel fuels.

OCTCET 35 is unique in its chemistry as it is not based on MTBE, DME, DMM, TAME, FAME, DIPE, methanols, ethanols, acetone, carbonates, glycol ethers, etc. OCTCET 35 is a proprietary blend of organic intermediates.

OCTCET 35, after tests conducted by Millbrook Testing Facility in Bedford, UK in July 2011 with a 1% blend, showed the following statistical improvements compared to baseline:

  • Total Hydrocarbons (THC) reduced by 37.18%.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) reduced by 37.11%.
  • 1.2% reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Further tests, conducted by a reputable and EPA Accredited Testing Facility, where a blend of 0.25% of OCTCET will be inserted into diesoline in order to even further reduce Nitrogen Oxides to a -6% – -8% reduction is to be done soon.



  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Excellent bactericide.
  • Easy dosing at refinery level.


  • Substantial reduction in emissions.
  • No nitrogen content.
  • Halogen-free.
  • Improved conductivity (less flammable).


  • Significant cetane improvement properties.
  • More complete combustion.
  • Less carbon build-up on injector nozzles.
  • Prolonged engine life.
  • No side effects on fuel line components.
  • More power.
  • Easier start in cold weather.
  • Ignition energy < 0,1 mJ.


  • Low treatment ratio = 1:400/0.25%.
  • High oxygen content >35%.
  • Excellent surface reduction properties.
  • Emulsifier properties.
  • Only 10% aromatic footprint (fuel maintains 31% aromatic content).
  • Thermally and oxidative stable.

OCTCET 35 reduces toxic carbon emissions and plays an important role in lowering ground level ozone as a greenhouse gas by the reduction of hydrocarbons as a precursor to photochemical smog which is a contributor to climate change and global warming.

The Clean Diesel Verification Process evaluates the emission reduction performance and durability of retrofit and clean diesel technologies, and provides users with confidence that the technology will perform as expected.

Date: November 2012-Before being placed on the Verified Technology List, the technology must go through a thorough technical review and tightly controlled testing to quantify statistically significant levels of emission reductions. For the State of Texas the TCEQ estimates that the entire process could take up to three months to complete depending upon the provision of the TxLED regulations under which the applicant is seeking approval.

Having concluded the most stringent scientific tests at the OEM accredited laboratory namely Millbrook Proving Grounds in the UK and further tests are in process. OCTCET Inc. has no doubt that approval will be a formality.


Andalay Solar Plug & Play Technology

The AC250 is the latest product from Andalay Solar; making installing solar power systems faster and easier than ever.

Building on our legacy of industry leading innovation, including the industry’s first grooved solar panel frame, first integrated racking, wiring and integrated grounding solution, and the first fully integrated UL approved AC solar panel, INSTANT CONNECT® technology is the world’s first fully integrated “Plug-and-Play” AC solar panel.

INSTANT CONNECT® solar panels from Andalay Solar automate panel-to-panel mounting, grounding and wiring, making installing solar power systems, faster and easier than anything else on the market. By integrating solar panel racking directly into the panel, our patented technology enables rapid, repeatable and secure mounting of panels directly to both sloped and flat roofs. The patented frame design utilizes an innovative splice system that automates all connections, eliminating a number of steps required to install ordinary solar power systems.

Your Next Water Heater

High Performance Technology

Small, quiet, and incredibly powerful… See what makes us different.


Heatworks MODEL 1 Video

Practical Sustainability Products


Northern Power Systems

Today’s Northern Power Systems started in 1974 as North Wind Power Company in Warren, Vermont. In 1978, US Department of Energy awarded North Wind a contract to develop a high-reliability 2 kW wind turbine for the growing telecommunications market. As a result of that work, North Wind developed its HR2 wind turbine, a three-bladed, horizontal axis up wind rotor configuration utilizing a slow-speed, direct-drive 2.2 kW alternator. This small wind turbine soon gained international market acceptance as one of the most rugged, high-reliability wind turbines available. Over 600 HR2 and its successor HR3 wind turbines were sold over approximately 20 years of production. Northern Power wind turbines have been installed in over 40 countries on all seven continents, with many still operational today.


In 1986, the team continued its DOE-sponsored research and development work, but also began to design, fabricate, and install high-reliability hybrid power systems for remote applications using gas- and diesel-fired reciprocating engine generators, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and battery banks for energy storage.
In the early 1990s, NASA was planning for an extended stay on Mars and began researching energy generation methods including wind power. In 1993, NASA’s Ames Research Center awarded Northern Power Systems a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to construct a wind turbine at the South Pole that could function in the same extreme conditions as exist on Mars. In 1997, NPS installed a 3-kilowatt turbine at the South Pole, and then began developing a 100-kilowatt turbine based on the same technology. The NPS 100 wind turbine technology won an R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine in 2000 and The American Wind Energy Association Technology Award in 2006.

Since 2008, Northern Power Systems has added technology products including utility scale turbines; FlexPhase® power converter solutions for applications of 50kW to 5MW+ for power generation, energy storage, and drive applications; permanent magnet machines; and power electronics.

Smith's Golf Cars
Smith’s Golf Cars, Inc. and Xtreme Kartz are a family ran business of over 25 years. We run a full service golf car and utility vehicle dealership in the wine country of northern California. Our mission is to provide the best possible service and value to our customers. We consider it a privilege to serve you and value your patronage.


Only the very best name brand products are represented by our company, and our repair and vehicle construction quality and experience are second to none.   The facility is a state of the art shop and showroom, our atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. We are here to serve you! showroom3   Banner2012LegacyLE